I produce and revise written works for individuals, companies, and institutions. 

Every writing project is an uphill battle


My Work

Ghostwriting books and screenplays

I write screenplays and both fiction and nonfiction books, especially memoirs and biographies. I work for four film production houses, as well as freelance screenwriters and indie filmmakers. I work in diverse genres, according to the needs of my clients, but I’m most experienced with thrillers and police procedurals. My research skills and my travels spanning forty countries and five languages inform me as a screenwriter, and I apply my knowledge of philosophy and literary theory to weave big themes, justice, love, poverty, right and wrong, etc., into story-telling.


Screenplay Revisions & Coverage

I advise screenwriters on how to improve their screenplays, helping them develop motifs, allude to themes, complete character arcs, and intrigue the audience, including industry professionals. I focus on structure and how each piece of writing uses literary devices to entertain and inform the reader. I also partner with a screenplay consultant and judge to provide coverage.

my work

Editing & Research

I edit and provide counsel for professors, authors, students,  journalists, and researchers. I have edited all kinds of creative and professional writing, from academic journal articles to fantasy novels. I have an eagle’s eye for errors and blindspots that writers miss in their own work. I streamline, restructure, rearrange, and fact-check, offering options and suggesting alternatives. I also research and write on various topics related to law, finance, business, politics, sociology, and philosophy.



I provide translation services from English to Spanish and Spanish to English, with the same content as in my other services, both technical, journalistic, and literary. I’ve studied Spanish for almost a quarter of a century, and I have been writing screenplays and articles in Spanish for a decade. I provided Spanish translation work for Google, and I worked as a Spanish teacher for Berlitz Languages. To ensure the best translation from English to Spanish, I work with two native Spanish translators.

My Vision

To give voice to others’ vision and ideas.  Support writers and researchers finding their voice and produce content that speaks to their intended audience.

My Mission

Provide constructive feedback and assess, then upgrade the quality of content

My Goal

Support writers and researchers finding their voice and produce content that speaks to their intended audience.  

What People Are Saying:

I have worked for major companies and organizations such as Google, the World Economic Forum, and the University of Virginia. Past clients have come from Fortune 500 companies, Ivy League universities, governments, and international institutions.

"Tim takes the time to not only give feedback but to collaborate with writers. He is an incredibly reliable resource and goes out of his way to provide the tools to elevate creativity and success. Tim is incredibly talented, detail-oriented, and shows enthusiasm in his support for shaping future prominent writers."

Paola G. Screenplay Coverage

"Tim helped me and my co-producer obtain a grant fellowship for our documentary film project by editing and critiquing our grant application. He suggested changes we never considered, and we both credited his insight with making our application stronger."

Victoria B. Editing & Advisory

“Tim did a super job for our education policy organization researching and preparing a complex story of politicians, education leaders, unions and business interests clashing while kids in schools went wanting. He was responsive and smart and delivered great content on all timelines.”

Steven L. Research & Journalism

“I would unhesitatingly recommend Tim Tolka for any editing chore or writing assignment. Working with him has been effortless and productive. After the first or second contact, we were communicating like pals and both sharing the enthusiasm for my project. Working with Tim has felt at times like an advanced course in creative writing and at other times like hard work. He recognized my style of writing and offered several books and videos tailored to help me refine my craft. I will continue to seek his attention in the future.”

Ron R. Research & Journalism

Blue Mafia Book

July 7, 2021

Tim Tolka’s chronicle of the federal reform efforts on local police agencies during five U.S. presidential administrations, providing the most detailed account to date of police reform by consent decree and revealing the messy, sometimes tragic yet always human aspects of policing. 

Blue Mafia Book
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